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SQL server scalability is something that all who work with SQL databases must know really well in order to have their servers running smoothly and to prevent data being lost when a problem occur. Scalability is a term for the potential of a machine or a server to work with much more tension than it has been designed for.

This is extremely important when we talk about SQL server databases because the amount of data is getting bigger and bigger every day and the amortization of servers is getting stronger issue these days.
If you need more clear example of SQL scalability you can liken the SQL databases and servers to an ordinary personal computer. When you buy one, it for example has 1 GB RAM memory. Soon you will notice that this is not enough for your needs and you would buy one GM RAM more. When you add it to your computer you would have 2 GB RAM. This is scalability. Now, your computer works with 2 GB RAM memory even it has been designed to work with just one.

When you work with SQL databases and servers it works on the same way. The system must give you a proper chance to increase the potential of your servers. Called in a proper way - SQL server scalability.

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